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  1. Pimach
    you gotta contact DH with pic posting questions
  2. BamaJen
    Dingo, usually, if the cause of obesity is medicaly related... they have options to help them. However the ones like the picture I showed where even their kankles had rolls...no, I do not feel bad for them!
  3. p-jersey
    I just posted a picture from the bar I work at. Despite my already diminutive stature I actually am bending down for this picture.
  4. clmetal
    Bama - its me, I couldn't open PJ's either.

    Thanks Dingo, my work computer is ridiculously overloaded for security and I can't change anything. I'm out of town, so I may not be able to look at these pictures until I return.
  5. DingoBrigade
    Food is some folks' drug. When people get pretty heavy, they feel food is their only friend/pleasure. It doesn't make it right, but think about all that they miss in life. I pity them in the same way I pity other types of addicts. It's not a 'pass', just an acknowledgement that their lives suck.
  6. BamaJen
    I understand what you mean...
  7. Pimach
    Abba Zabba, you my only friend
  8. clmetal
    can't expand my thumbs?

    thumbnails (term for the little pictures; I can see all 3 of yours as little pix)

    Odd, I can now make PJ's bigger and I can see DH's, but I can't even expand my own
  9. clmetal
    PJ - are you wearing a bike helmet or something?
  10. BamaJen
    ohhhhhhhhhhh ok! =)
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