Old Ball Coach MMA

  1. clmetal
    Nice of you Bama to share pix; makes everything a lot more personal here. But for some reason, I can't expand your thumbs
  2. DingoBrigade

    The best site in the entire Western Hemisphere. You can learn several variations of the Jersey 'bag face.
  3. BamaJen
    LOL Dingo, there are girls and guys alike that are bigger... and they need loving too.

    Morbidly obese people though ahve no excuse to be the size of whales
  4. Pimach
    Hey PJ, you still have that pic of us in LV?
  5. Pimach
    BJ, what do you consider morbidly obese?
  6. p-jersey
    Haha nice site.
  7. DingoBrigade
    Claudale, if you're at work, it's a firewall/security setting issue. I have the same deal here.

    Jen, I feel sorrier for the morbidly obese b/c regardless of why they are so huge (and sometimes there is a legit medical reason, although granted that's far from always being the case), their lives are so miserable and limited. They are stigmatized and shunned and walking to the fridge (or riding their Rascal, if they can't walk) is like scaling Everest for a 'normal' sized person.
  8. p-jersey
    I have uploaded a few pictures on photobucket, copied the url and then posted in the add pictures section on here but it keeps saying it is invalid. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  9. Pimach
    I bet that site has a lot of spray on tans and gel'd out hair
  10. BamaJen
    can't expand my thumbs?
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