Old Ball Coach MMA

  1. BamaJen
    lol what?!
  2. Pimach
    Oh nothing, nothing at all, so whats up with this alleged hostility and pent up anger?
  3. p-jersey
    haha You are right Pimach, I did notice some similarities. Her technique and form is a little off but she had a good foundation going.
  4. BamaJen

    and I don't have any pent up anger... PJ used to make fun of fat girls...so I said fat girls need loving too...and then yall started talking about my boobs as if I wouldn't find out, and then on a seperate forum... so that kinda upset me...

    P.S. PJ... I was going to a club hunny... you don't exactly dress like you're going to a job interview when you are goin out!
  5. p-jersey
    I believe I made one comment about not having interest in hooking up with a plus size woman. A few weeks later I caught you ripping on large women in a different thread. I was confused by your double standards but you said there was a limit on how fat a person should be in order for you to defend them.
  6. BamaJen

    I remember that. and I said I have no sympathy for morbidly obese people... that is all
  7. BamaJen
    PJ. I don't want to argue with you
  8. Pimach
    I have to let PJ explain the pose, since it is his.

    I dont remember him ripping on plus size girls and I didnt talk about your breasts, that was those other dudes, I havent even seen them until today. but they do look lovely, if you dont mind me saying so.
  9. p-jersey
    I come in peace BJ, I believe I have only complimented your pics in the past and left our any milf bag related comments.

    The pose Pimach is speaking of is one that I am famous for and have been spreading throughout the midwest. Judging by your picture it seems as though it may have begun spreading south but some of proper technique has been lost along the way.
  10. DingoBrigade
    "fat girls need loving too" & "I have no sympathy for morbidly obese people"

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