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  1. Pimach
    Really? I heard some the other day, I thought it might be some of the old stuff. wasnt a huge Exodus fan, but Bonded by Blood was good. all the old school thrash bands are making a comeback.
  2. clmetal
    I'll send you a few good songs tonight.

    Bonded by Blood is one of the all time greats. The new stuff is on par with that and the guitars are way more sharp.

    They had steadily declined from Bonded by Blood, so my expectations were low.

    As a Testament fan, I'm pretty sure you'll like new Exodus too.
  3. Pimach
    I'll have to pay more attention when it comes on again.

    All I need is for Forbidden to get back together and put out some new material
  4. clmetal
    I liked them two and I have 2 albums by them (all they made I believe). But I don't include them in the all time greats like Exodus, Testament, Possessed, Slayer, old Sepultura, Whiplash, Flotsam & Jetsam, Celtic Frost, Dark Angel, old Overkill.

    A notch lighter, I think Iced Earth is one of the best bands ever.
  5. Pimach
    I think they had 4 of them but the first two were the best. The 2nd Twisted into form was an all time great. The Bay area produced some killer bands from that era, along with D.R.I. and Death Angel.

    Dam you listed some golden oldies there, Im still waiting for the reissue of any Dark Angel cd. I dont know why, but I cant find them anywhere. Flotsam and Jetsam: no place for disgrace is up there in my all time favorites.
  6. clmetal
    Pimach - I have everything, I was on a mission years ago to get it all. The first Death Angel is a classic, I agree. I like everything by them, but the first is the best.

    DRI I liked, but I never bought CDs to replace vinyl.

    Which Dark Angel? Everything has been out on CD for a while now. Darkness descends is great, but I think their best songs are on We have Arrived.
  7. Pimach
    I used to have a bunch but on tape and when those were gone, lost, eaten by player etc. I tried gettin them on cd but then the boy was born and my spending money dwindled, but now I think its time.

    I havent seen a dark angel cd new or used since the turn of the century. I really liked Time does not heal and Leave Scars the best.
  8. clmetal
    You like the new singer. I like the older stuff.
    I could put a hundreds or more MP3s on a few DVDs - just tell me what you want and I could send it to you. You have my email.
  9. Pimach
    Yeah, the old stuff is cool, but I think its because those were the ones that I was introduced to.

    Awesome, I'll have to rack my brain and see what I can think of.
  10. clmetal
    I'll try to come up with a list. I could also throw a bunch of stuff on, some of which you could check out for the first time.

    Some other old time bands I like you may not know of from that genre include Bloodfeast (one of the guitar players went to Summit HS, where gutfist and I went) and Onslaught (England). Whiplash and Overkill are also NJ bands; of course Flotsam is Arizona and most of the others are from California.

    I have a lot of the newer, and heavier, metal bands too (Nile, Cannibal Corpse, . . )
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