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  1. p-jersey
    Tito is not even signed with Affliction so i have no reason to believe he will be fighting on this card.
  2. Pimach
    Wiltz, from what I can remember, Cobra is supposed to get hitched in the summer. The Metal might know more.
  3. clmetal
    That would be one good bachelor party!

    I know the place they are considering, but I'm not sure of the date, next summer might be right.
  4. Pimach
    I think he posted in the past that he was gonna have a ragin bachelor party.
  5. clmetal
    I'm sure it would be wild and would probably last for days.

    Pimach - got the new Testament and I think it's great.
  6. Pimach
    If he goes through with that party, I will be there, no way am I gonna miss that!.

    CL- it is great, I overdid it when it first came out, but now its back in rotation in the cd changer
  7. clmetal
    I've been playing it all day. They didn't miss a beat. I realize they were around here in August and I didn't know about it. I've seen them from the very beginning, when they first changed their name and got Chuck.
  8. gopher hunter
    gopher hunter
    Do you think bamajen would make the trip to Vegas? I'm thinking about having her as my date to his wedding. I plan to put her up in a penthouse at hotel of her choice, treat her to the finest dining establishments Vegas has to offer and then throwing my hotdog down her hallway repeatedly. I think she'd have a great time!
  9. Pimach
    I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the whole thing. they had been playing a couple of the songs on the sirius metal station for awhile.

    They were in Phoenix last Thursday and I missed it because I thought they were in town the week before when I was busy.
  10. clmetal
    Another band that got back together and came out with great material is Exodus. I was worried in both cases that they would let out crap.
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