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  1. MetsFan
    cl - Unfortunately, we screwed up with the picture deal. His camera wasn't working, but we planned on using my cellphone to take one at the end of the day. At the end of the day, our memories were a little 'clouded' though and we forgot.
  2. clmetal
    LOL - alright. I could be seeing both of you in the next 2 months, so maybe I can join 2 pictures together as a pro forma.
  3. p-jersey
    The new super power summit should be everyone meeting up for a ufc event. Last time I was able to take money from pimach when he foolishly bet against machida so I would not mind taking money from you gentleman as well.
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  4. Pimach
    Ah you little rascal, Im gonna get that money back next time. but I agree we need to get something set up. I would like to do the Chicago event but NYE might be better. You still going PJ?
  5. p-jersey
    No longer planning on Chicago but still planning on the nye show.
  6. MetsFan
    I thought we were all supposed to go to thecobra's bachelor party?
  7. Wiltz
    When is the big day for thecobra?
  8. Pimach
    depends on what u mean by big day. his return to posting or his wedding?
  9. Wiltz
    Wedding day.

    I thought he was "done" posting.
  10. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    I am looking into attending the Affliction show in October. If Tito Ortiz is confirmed, I will buy the tickets asap.
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