For the Ladies!

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  1. Stardust
    I know... I need a little Friday morning pick-me-up!!
  2. Stardust
    LOL Danielle! I agree, I think he's cute too.
  3. Elisa
    Hey- are any of you going out to Vegas for Olympic trials??? I just bought my plane ticket today and I'm super pumped!
  4. BonnieJ2
    Check out this thread on the Other Site. Such Idiots.
  5. angelfish
    So I go to Panera with my kids today for lunch sportin' my Planet Earth t-shirt, and who's standing right in front of me in line? Of course, I sneak a quick photo of him. Many of you will, I'm sure, recognize him from behind! But then after he's done eating, he comes over to the table to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and to say he likes my shirt. What an awesome guy! Swoon!

  6. Stardust
    an Iowa wrestling hoodie in Carolina blue??? It's like a dream come true!!
  7. BamaJen
    Hello Ladies! =)
  8. DH

    Feel free to post photos of men you find attractive. (That is mostly what this group is about). No one has posted in a while so maybe you have some fresh material for us to critique
  9. fanforlife
    Yes, we need some fresh stuff. I almost forgot about the group until Bama said something to me the other day...
  10. BamaJen
    Hey!! =) I will post new material when I get a chance, my laptop is out of commission right now, so I'm on my moms...and I can't download or anything from it... I'll be sure to add when I can though!
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