For the Ladies!

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  1. fanforlife
    Did we get Ezra yet? I know she is not on that much.
  2. Stardust
    yeah, Ezra's in. it only displays 10 avatars at a time up above, but if you click on "view all members" it shows everyone. I sent an invite to all the females that I knew, plus the ones that posted in the now infamous Schwab & Zadick thread.
  3. zhawk
    I thought I'd add a picture of the 2 guys who were sort of the inspiration for this group.
  4. Stardust
    they look like they're about to hit the tennis courts
  5. angelfish
    Thanks for the morning boost, Stardust! Also for the S&Z picture. Awesome!
  6. Elisa
    WOW DH! I need to watch more fighting!
  7. zhawk
    DH, it was taken by a friend of a friend at the World Team Trials last year.
  8. Elisa
    DH - The last time I watched UFC a few months ago with my brother, the fighters were not THAT hot.... but you can bet on April 19th I'll be watching UFC 83! Haha. Thanks for the pictures!
  9. fanforlife
    GSP is hot... but he did beat my boy Josh
  10. DH

    Here is a nice picture that was in Maxim magazine of GSP and Kos all dressed up and looking pretty. (For the rest of the pictures from the Maxim photo shoot, go to -- I think I need to put some of these on my wall).

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