Big 12 Fans

  1. Jointdoc55
    5>12. Only a true Big 12 wrestling fan would know that this means! I am new here. I used to be Jointdoc on blogs but lost my password. I have yet to figure out what pic I want to use.
  2. Jointdoc55
    ...of course I meant "5>11", not "5>12"
  3. Iamgoingtokickyour***
    stop lying you retard you are proboblly just a little kid saying you were a joint doc. idiot
  4. Iamgoingtokickyour***
    you think your so
    well i am
    if you were a jointdoc yuo would be a
    ROTFLOLYRGJAB it stands for something yuo shouldn't know i will give you a hint think bad words.
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