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  1. rustyshackleford
    Boulder Beer Co. has a a pretty tasty seasonal out.
  2. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    Just got back today from the Fall Festival in the Wisconsin Dells that I mentioned a while back on here. One of the highlights-and why I went-was "Wisconsin Dells on Tap," which featured over 40 different Wisconsin microbreweries.

    For $20 you can sample as much beer as you want. Needless to say, it was one of the best times I've had in a long time, being in the company of hundreds of fans of good, locally made beer.

    I strongly recommend it to all for next year. You won't be sorry. There is an arts and crafts fair, farmers' market, and lots more.
  3. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    Here was my pick for the best beer that I had at the festival below that I'm referring to.
  4. zig
    Here is my line up.
    2.fat tire
    3.Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter
    and that should keep me happy for an hour or so.
  5. rustyshackleford
    Zig, Aren't you like 16 or something? LOL.
  6. zig
    don't i wish lol no I'm 48, I have a picture of my kid in my photo album. I'm working on my doctorates degree in kinesiology. I remember telling you I was in school lol but i never thought you would assume I was a kid. I'm very sorry for not be a little more specific on the case matter.
  7. rustyshackleford
    Gotcha. It's dead in here. I don't know how wide the distribution is, but if anyone can their hands on Terrapin's Big Hoppy Monster, they should certainly do so.
  8. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    Anyone tried this one yet this year? For me, this is about as good as it gets; excellent! However, it is pretty hoppy.

    Don't do what I did and drink too many of them: it packs a wallop at almost 7%.

  9. rustyshackleford
    Celebration ale is good. Along with the Fall Anniversary ale, my favorite of the SN seasonals.
  10. JPOConnorFan
    No Guinness in the house today, and I needed one after the JP Leen match today.
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