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  1. Ephra Connor
    Ephra Connor
    I prefer 60, 90, & 120 minute DFH to Midas Touch . . . I'm ok with fruity beers on hot summer days. Usually a better option than CL or Corona.
  2. rustyshackleford
    I have still never had the 120 minute, but think I may treat myself to one this weekend. The 90 minutes is an all time favorite.
  3. rustyshackleford
    You're in Maryland, Ephra? Do you like Terrapin? I love their pale, and like the India Brown brown pretty much, too.
  4. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    My wife just alerted me to this. I realize that it would be a long way for most of you, but it looks fantastic! Our reservations are in!
  5. rustyshackleford
    I had my first 120 minute last night. Honestly, I thought it was a bit too much. Certainly good, but too sweet for my tastes (esp. with the price tag.)
  6. _SL_
    ban i highly recommend you try out the Fat Squirrel from New Glarus if you go to the event in the dells. I would also give Capital Brew. a few tries too.
  7. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    I plan to. My wife talks highly of it. I'm not as big of a fan of many of their beers, but I do love the Organic Revolution one.
  8. rustyshackleford
    In case you couldn't tell, I have been on a bit of a Dogfish Head kick recently. Anyways, I just bought a four pack on the Palo Santo Marron. It is very, very good. Aged in a wood from Paraguay. It's strong, but the alcohol isn't too overpowering, IMO. It's woody, vanillaish...very complex and very good.
  9. p-jersey
    as i said before i am an amateur. where do you guys go to get your beer? the beers you are speaking of are not typically available in my locations. Again sorry for being the noob but i am slowly trying to get more cultured.
  10. _SL_
    i am not exactly a wise epicure either, but i just go to liquor stores since they generally have a good selection. New Glarus Brew Co is only available in WI though btw. But Dogfish Head is available almost everywhere if you look for it. some of the harder finds are traded/ bought online i think.
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