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  1. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    No, I do it just for my own use. Basically, I want to eventually just get a core group of beers that I keep falling back on. I like as a site and source.
  2. rustyshackleford
    What else have you given your perfect score to?
  3. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale; Fort Collins Brewing Rocky Mountain IPA; Summit IPA

    Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale; Boulevard Irish Ale; Goose Island Honker's Ale; Goose Island Kilgubbin Red Ale; Left Hand Brewing Sawtooth Ale; Schell Pale Ale; Schell Firebrick Lager; Schell Pilsner; Summit Extra Pale Ale; Millstream Maifest Lager (Actually a Bock); Leinenkugel Honey Weiss; Redhook ESB Original Ale; Hub City Brewing Golden Ale
  4. Ephra Connor
    Ephra Connor
    I keep one side of a six pack for any 12oz bottles that I try for the first time and mark the back with a grade. I keep a spreadsheet for any 22oz bottles, which exceed the 12ozers almost every time.
    SN is a good 12oz bottle, I give it a B, but everyone has their preferences . . . at least you didn't put Schlitz on your list.
  5. rustyshackleford
    Anyone ever had the Flying Dog double pale ale? It's awesome. Very strong, very hoppy, and very good.
  6. Ephra Connor
    Ephra Connor
    FDDPA is pretty good . . . Flying Dog is starting to get pretty big, so it's nice that they still produce the smaller batch stuff.
  7. fanforlife
    I tried this new Blueberry Lager last night, it was good, interesting but good. I did not catch who makes it, but I will next time.
  8. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    I think what I'm discovering is that I'm an IPA fan, first and foremost. However, this past weekend I had the Boulder Beer Company's Mojo IPA for the first time. It earned another A- for me and was excellent. However, I got a bit "tipsy" from six of them (nearly 7% alcohol)!
  9. rustyshackleford
    Sierra Nevada's Anniversary Ale is out. It is awesome. Hoppy are great. Mmm.
  10. p-jersey
    Hello ladies and gentleman I am happy to be part of this group. Reading through I am certainly not an expert on beer that many of you are. I do not think I have the palate for good beer the way others do but I still like to drink my fair share.

    Have any of you heard of a beer called Rogue?
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