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  1. _SL_
    tried the dogfish head last night. Not bad at all, and it was almost as strong as the quadruple bock New Glarus was making last year Thanks for the rec, i'll try the others hopefully sometime soon
  2. rustyshackleford
    Glad you enjoyed it. DfH also makes a very good India Brown Ale, if you come across it.
  3. Ephra Connor
    Ephra Connor
    If you like IPA you need to track down some Hopsickle . . . it's very hard to find. See Review: and the Brewery: and good luck finding it!
  4. gg121and2
    I've been on TWT for a little while - how did I miss this group? Wrestling and beer - throw in a grandkid discussion and I have found Nirvana. Regulars - Grolsch and Fat Tire. Micros - when in Davenport, IA (where I grew up and home of NCAA champ Si Roberts) I love the Front Street Brewery's "Raging River" pale ale.
  5. rustyshackleford
    Has anyone else had the Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale? They usually do one in the fall, but have started doing another in the spring/summer. It is very tasty!
  6. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    The newest Sierra Nevada is the Summerfest Ale, which is very good. The Celebration Ale that they made for a brief period over this past Christmas season was fantastic, and almost 9% alcohol. You were "celebrating" alright!
  7. rustyshackleford
    Agreed on the Celebration Ale. The Summerfest I can live with or with out. I like it fine, but it is not one of my favorite SN brews (that being said, they make great stuff!)
  8. Ephra Connor
    Ephra Connor
    Hate to poop on Sierra Nevada, but it's too mass produced to warrant the price. Sometimes it's the only option, in which case I'll take it, but the smaller brewers have the ability to make a much higher quality libation.
  9. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    I guess that I'm embarrassed to say that I'm such a beer geek that I give ratings to the beers that I drink. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is one of the few perfect "A" beers that I've ever rated. I think that it's that good.
  10. rustyshackleford
    Do you do it at ratebeer? I check that site out from time to time before I buy new things. For the most post their scores are pretty indicative of quality.
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