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  1. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    I'll look forward to that. Summit's Maibock, which is out now packs a wallop at nearly 7%!
  2. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    Anyone tried the Schell's Maibock yet? Also looks to have high alcohol content.
  3. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    When, and if, in Iowa City, folks, everyone must go to the Mecca for beer enthusiasts, John's Grocery. Plan on devoting at least an hour to thoroughly checking out all of their beers. Yes, they even ship their beer to your home!
  4. JPOConnorFan
    Ahhh, sipping on a nice cold Guinness Stout on a Friday night after a long week. It gets better than this, but not much.
  5. therick
    When I'm in Stardust's neck of the woods, I like to sample a ton of beers from around the country and the world at the Flying Saucer in Raleigh.

    Around here you can often find me with a pint of Smithwick's at Byrne's Pub.
  6. ban basketball
    ban basketball Free registration, and as much information about beer that you'll need in a lifetime!
  7. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    Heading up to Minnesota this weekend to score some beers unavailable in Iowa. I can't wait!!
  8. rustyshackleford
    Hello fellow beer enthusiasts. I just stumbled upon this group. How goes it?
  9. Schlottke
    welcome Rusty!
  10. rustyshackleford
    Have any of you tried the new Sierra Nevada Southern Harvest Ale? I suggest picking up a 24 and giving it a shot. It's good stuff. Not too hoppy for an IPA, but still very good.
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