Beer Fan Club!

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  1. JPOConnorFan
    My favorite is Guinness Draught, especially served at Stags Head in Dublin. Sometimes if I am in the mood I like Murphy's Irish Amber or Bass Pale Ale.
  2. Schlottke
    My favorite right now is Goose Island's "312".
  3. Stardust
    Guinness is my favorite too. The first time I had it was at a little hole in the wall pub in Cork. I was mesmerized watching the bartender "build a pint." I'm going to Dublin next summer so I will try to find Stags Head!
  4. Ken Shirtaugh
    Ken Shirtaugh
    Nothing like an ice cold Miller Lite on the first warm day of the year, cheers!!!!
  5. Trusty
    You all have to come visit the Micro brew capital of the world......Fort Collins! Just soo many great brews to choose from!
  6. Stardust
    will you be the DD if we do?
  7. Schlottke
    Speaking of the beer fan club.. this will be a wonderful place to lock LoSt next year between 10pm and 4am CST... lol
  8. homerdindon

    Real man's game of beerpong. No, I'm not 800 pounds, it's just a bad angle and I'm standing next to Bader, which doesn't help.
  9. ban basketball
    ban basketball
    Traveling up to Minnesota today and looking forward to picking up some brews from the Minnesota breweries, especially Schell's and Summit. We have limited selection in Iowa of those brands.

    I'm also big into the Goose Islands right now. They seem to get better and better.
  10. Schlottke
    Summit has a new one coming out for the summer, if I recall correctly from my tour last year...
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