For the Ladies!

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  1. BonnieJ2
    Cool group. Nice Avatar, Blue.
  2. angelfish
    I added a couple pictures. I know you all have some too -- let's see 'em!
  3. Stardust
    OK ladies, this is now set up as a "private" group so unless someone is a member, they can't view our pictures, comments, etc.

    So the boys can't snoop and make fun of us, which will also help lessen their feelings of inadequacy
  4. angelfish
    This is awesome. Thanks for setting it up, Stardust!
  5. DH
    I'm trying to add this photo for Stardust.
  6. Stardust
    ahhhh, yes. Thanks Danielle -- that photo has been one of my favorites for years
  7. Stardust
    mmm Tompkins....
  8. fanforlife
    DH I must agree on the fighters they are hot!

    PS the number of females on this board just keeps growing!
  9. Stardust
    It sure does help get through a rainy Monday morning to be able to come in here and check out the pics!

    I think there are more females on here, we need to get them into the group!
  10. Stardust
    an extra boost for a Monday morning...

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