Iowa Hawkeyes Fan Club!

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  1. Wiltz
    Schlottke I think you are a couple of days late. This isn't April fools day and I don't think you are a Hawkeye fan. LOL
  2. Schlottke
    I like Charlie Falck.. That means I have to be at least 1/10th of a Hawkeye fan!
  3. Stardust
    do you pull for Charlie when he's wrestling Ness?
  4. Schlottke
    I wrestled with Charlie and coached Jayson so its a toss up for me when they go. They've been wrestling each other for quite a few years now, Chuck used to beat him quite a bit so I think Jayson is finally passing him in wins now.
  5. Stardust
    just FYI - wrestlers that you can add an "eeeeeeeeeeeee" to the end of their names are ALWAYS more fun to cheer for.
  6. BonnieJ2
    My son Ethan went to Iowa City on a college visit this week. (Not for wrestling). He came back with a hat and two hoodies. We'll see if that's the ranking system. We go to Illinois tomorrow.
  7. Schlottke
  8. Schlottke
    Thought this one might be worth checking out:

    I'm going to eventually set it up to display all of the videos from these search results into this group.
  9. angelfish
    Thanks, Schlottke. I could watch the end of Perry-Hendricks all day.
  10. Schlottke
    Tom Brands to throw out first pitch at Corridor Classic
    University of Iowa

    IOWA CITY, Iowa - Iowa Head Wrestling Coach Tom Brands will throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the fifth annual Corridor Classic presented by Cedar Rapids Toyota-Scion Wednesday, April 30 at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids. The Corridor Classic pits the Iowa Hawkeyes against the Northern Iowa Panthers in baseball.

    Brands, who was named the National and Big Ten Coach of the Year, led the Hawkeyes to their 21st national championship last month. In addition, the Big Ten and NCAA Championship trophies will be on display on the concourse at the event.
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