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  1. Pimach
    its like 3ftunder or something. Racer X claims its Cobra, but that dude has no reason to go back.

    I hope that whoever is in possession of those pics puts them up cause I heard some weird stories about Cobra and the Metals journey into the hood.
  2. DH
    Hey Pimach,

    I added a photo just for you that I took with Tracy at an IFL event last winter since I know how much you like her
  3. Pimach
    Awesome!!! it's those eyes that do it to me, If I ever meet her, I'll probably be the only dude that that looks her directly in the eyes. :-)
  4. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    I've been in close discussion with Dr. White and the word is that we will attempt to smoke out that fat tub of lard, out from what ever rock he's hiding under. We've developed a plan and if we can enlist the help of CLmetal, we ought to be able to be successful (Metal has his phone numbers and we can reverse locate him through them).

    I am also now in contact with thecobra and he laughed at the notion of ever posting at the other site again. Keep in mind he left voluntarily and just as he was to return, posts began to be deleted indiscriminately as well as his fight against accused 7 time felon, Jeremy Jackson. Pete has no love for that place, rest assured.

    I asked him if he would join us over here and he said CL asked him the same thing but that for now, he's done with the message boards, as he plans his immediate business future and his up coming wedding. Very cool and classy guy, wish him the best.
  5. Wiltz
    I saw that 1/2 wit Cap posted a retort of sorts. Marginal at best he needs some new material. not his best stuff.
  6. clmetal
    I think Cobra will become a poster here in the near future, but I think the days of him posting all day long are over.

    Wiltz - CAP did better at the end and he admitted to me that a friend helped him come up with some of the insults.

    Marston wants to come here, so I expect to see him in the near future too. I think he thinks Iowa fans aren't welcome here

    LOL @ Dr White and the smoke out comment.
  7. Wiltz
    Iowa fans are more than welcome here

    Cap must not be getting help lately, his material is pretty tired.

    Let us just say it wasn't "A" game material. After awhile his stuff begins to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher....I can picture Cap in that yellow sweater that matches his chicklets :duh:
  8. p-jersey
    Hello ladies and gentleman.

    Thats pretty hilarious that he had a friend help him make fun of people. someone should invite him to this group.
  9. rustyshackleford
    The old gang is almost all here. CAp is a loser. He is likely out in the cucumber patch as we speak.
  10. rustyshackleford
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