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  1. gjfovf
    Once again a team coached by a Bowden is over-rated. Congrats BJ, the Tide looked great. My UDub Huskies got wrecked by Oregon. Gonna be a long season for the Husky faithful.
  2. BamaJen
    thanks guys! it was definitely a nice win...since everyone projected us to lose by atleast 1 touchdown!
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  3. rustyshackleford
    I said at the beginning of the year that the SEC would be even better than they hae the last few (which is saying a lot already,) and that was before that game last night. It is flat out scary how good that conference is. Alabama looked rock solid and is likely the 5th best team.
  4. MetsFan
    Had an opportunity to meet up with dpara10 yesterday at Saratoga Racetrack and just wanted to stop in here to say that the meeting confirmed my initial impression that he's good people. Looking forward to meeting a few of you other guys if the opportunity arises.
  5. MetsFan
    Oh yeah, and congrats to Alabama (after all I did pick 'em so...).
  6. BamaJen
    MF you're such an ass... you asked my opinion on your pick and then proceeded to say I only thought we'd win bc of my biased opionon...now you try to claim it like you knew better!

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  7. MetsFan
    Shush. I said I was planning on picking them before I asked what you thought and was just giving you a hard time about being biased. And I still picked them.
  8. clmetal
    Cool Metsfan, how about a picture? (Dpara's picture has also been posted since he went to an Eagles game with Cobra)
  9. gopher hunter
    gopher hunter
    Well BJ maybe he dosn't want my "fat ass" but I'm quite sure he doesn't want yours either. I mean there's enough of yours to please the whole team but......anyway mix in salad now and then.
  10. BamaJen
    yep...that was a good one gopher...
    :rolls eyes:
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