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    Videos 20 years ago...

    1988 Olympic Games, places 1-6. Enjoy.


    48.0 kg Takashi Kobayashi (JPN) over Ivan Tzonov (BUL) 16-4

    52.0 kg Mitsuru Sato (JPN) over Saban Trstena (YUG) 13-2

    57.0 kg Sergei Beloglasov (URS) over Askari Mohammadian (IRN) 5-1

    62.0 kg John Smith (USA) over Stepan Sarkisian (URS) 4-0

    68.0 kg Arsen Fadzaev (URS) over Jang-Soon Park (KOR) 7-0

    74.0 kg Kenneth Dale Monday (USA) over Adlan Varaev (URS) 6-3 OT

    82.0 kg Myung-Woo Han (KOR) over Necmi Gencalp (TUR)

    90.0 kg Makharbek Khadartsev over Akira Ohta (JPN) 15-0

    100.0 kg Vasile Puscasu (ROM) over Leri Khabelov (URS) 1-0

    130.0 kg David Gobedishvili (URS) over Bruce Baumgartner (USA) 4-0
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    what a nice suprise, thanks quick single

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    Thank you very much, quick.
    That roster would've smoke the current ones.

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    Thanks Quick, keep them them coming.

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    Yeah just let me know if you guys are experiencing any problems with the torrent. Once the files are downloaded, just recode (there should be a 'recode' function) using Nero or similar DVD burning software. This way you'll get all the menu pages and chapters.

    I chapter and label each of my DVDs, broken down match by match.

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