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Thread: Baroev loses at Russian nationals

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    Default Baroev loses at Russian nationals

    HWT World and Olympic champ lost to an unknown Russian from Siberia and placed 3rd. That Russian placed 2nd.

    Baroev is still considered number 1 though and good to go for Worlds unless something changes. This is where Russian and American systems disagree.

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    Not much is known about Alexander Anuchin, moreover the data are contradictory. According to he data from the 2006 Poddubni tournament (he placed 9th there losing his first match to a guy who didn't reach the finals) he was born in 1983. At the Jr. nationals in the same year, he placed third. It is impossible be a junior at the age of 23.

    His semifinal vs. Baroev yesterday seems to have been a great performance.
    Result 3:1 (3pts throw by Anuchin), 2:0, 3:3 (3pts throw by Anuchin). Anuchin won the third period on criteria ? a higher evaluated (3 pts) technique.

    Interestingly, in both the first and the third period, Anuchin performed his 3pts throws ?from below? while he himself stood in parterre position.

    Anuchin is of Novosibirsk where Karelin's club is based.

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    Default Re: Baroev loses at Russian nationals

    i watched the video from the european championships and baroev looked unbeatable. i'm shocked he lost. without seeing the match i'm guessing anuchin got a head start from the clinch when he scored his 3's.

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