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Thread: Sandor Bardosi second-time European champ

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    Default Sandor Bardosi second-time European champ

    .... in Sumo

    Sandor Bardosi of Hungary, 1997 junior world champ, 2000 Olympic silver medalist & 2005 world bronze medalist in GR at 84 kg, won his second European lightweight (85 kg) title in Sumo last Saturday. In 2005, he won his first European championships.

    His sumo skills may explain why does he score that often on pushout in greco. For example, in the match vs. Clark at the 2006 worlds he pushed Clark out 2 or 3 times.

    Another guy who wrestles successfully in both greco and sumo is Artur Michalkiewicz of Poland - 2004 world bronze medalist in sumo & 2006 European champ in greco.
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    Time for updates!

    Nov 2007 Bardosi became world champ in (amateur) sumo.

    Then he moved to MMA.

    Feb 2008 Bardosi won his first international MMA match (under K1 rules)
    submission (arm triangle choke) vs a guy of Lithuania

    Bardosi in action

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