Are there too many types/styles of wrestling right now?

In terms of "sanctioned" competition, there's men's freestyle... men's Greco-Roman... women's freestyle... beach wrestling... and grappling. (Why no women's Greco?)

I thought the IOC had suggested/recommended that there be just one kind of wrestling, at least at the Olympics... but it seems the sport is moving in the opposite direction.

Seems like you could compare wrestling's present situation one of two ways, depending on your point of view:

> More styles = good: It's like Baskin-Robbins. Not everyone wants vanilla... so they offer 31 flavors. Something for every taste.

> More styles = not so good. It's like General Motors in its darkest days, churning out too many look-alike cars... wasting valuable resources on trying to promote too many brands, instead of trying to make one particular brand world-class.

I hope my question makes sense. Weigh in, please.