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Thread: World Team

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    Default World Team

    55: Cejudo
    60: Gallick v. Zadick
    66: Schwab
    74: Heskett
    84: Williams
    96: Cormier
    120: Rowlands

    Needless to say, it'll be interesting how this team winds up doing. Lot of new guys.

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    Default Re: World Team

    Anything can happen with the new rules and I wouldn't count anyone out. Is it our Dream Team? Not by a long shot. Some of these guys have some really good International experience. I see the move up to 84 kg as the best thing Williams has done in 4 years. He will be a strong contender for a Medal. One of the toughest weights in the world though.

    Cejudo can do well. As can Rowlands with a good draw. Cormier? Well, we'll see.

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    Default Re: World Team

    As I have said before, the new rules bring everyone closer together. The best wrestler doesn't always win under these rules and that is why the past few years we have seen a lot of "turnover" on our World Teams and a ton more upsets.
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    Default Re: World Team

    55: Durlacher
    60: Warren
    66: Lester
    74: TC
    84: Vering
    96: Ruiz
    120: Byers

    I like the look of our Greco guys, this is pretty much our standard team at least it seems like. Warren has been fantastic all year, I think he's definitely a favorite to repeat.

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    I'd like to Haze make it in the future. I'd figured Durlacher would win the trials, he usaully doesn't wrestle to full potential at Nationals.

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    Default Re: World Team

    I see good things. Greco squad looks great with Lester, Warren, Byers all legitimate Gold medal threats. Durlacher and Ruiz already have world bronze. New rules help TC and Vering, I think had a 5th a few years back.

    FS I think we may be a year away, with the exception of Williams and Cormier who should be winning medals now.

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    Default Re: World Team

    Does anyone have any tapes of Lester's matches?

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    Idea Re: World Team

    what happened to joe williams not being on the pan am team at 84kg? the guy he beat is down there.

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    Default Re: World Team

    Anyone know Russia and Iran;s team?

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