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Thread: Karelin rips new changes in Greco and sends a letter to FILA

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    Default Re: Karelin rips new changes in Greco and sends a letter to FILA

    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    I can't translate it that fast. It takes some energy and time to do it. If you want it right away maybe you can use some websites to translate.
    Now I'm beginning to wonder if you really WERE a citizen of the Ukrain or Russia.

    Have you been fibbing to all of us Big?

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    Default Re: Karelin rips new changes in Greco and sends a letter to FILA

    Thats some cold !#$%. Man
    "It is the difference between humble and hubris that distinguishes their positions." -TLV

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    Default Re: Karelin rips new changes in Greco and sends a letter to FILA

    Here is an extremely terrible translation, but it's better than nothing

    Alexander [Karelin]: only the complete, universal retention of the spirit of antique fight, without the judical casuistry and the complicated perception by spectators, will allow to return our form of sport into the category of the especially entertainment


    In Budapest is past the first session of working group on analysis and introduction of possible changes in the rules of the fight of the international federation of the united styles of fight (FILA), whom headed the member of bureau FILA, the prize-winner of Olympic Games 1988 and 1992 on the Greco- Roman fight [Daulet] [Turlykhanov] from Kazakhstan. The best champion of the Greco- Roman style of all times and peoples, triple Olympic champion, hero of Russia, Deputy of the State Duma RF Alexander [Karelin] could not be present at the session personally in connection with the transfer of initial periods, but sent letter with the specific proposals about a change in rules and regulations of Greco- Roman fight. In the work on proposals also took part the leaders of the federation of the sport fight of Russia - President Mikhail [Mamiashvili] and executive director Georgiy [Bryusov]. The agency of sport information “entire sport” publishes Alexander [Karelin]'s letter without the notes.

    “The respected coordinator of group, Mr. [Daulet] [Turlykhanov], the respected members of editorial board!

    Accept the words of appreciation for the inclusion in so authoritative and representative a composition of group, and for the possibility to participate in the consideration of the so significant and pressing question as the rules of fight. So make it possible to thank the federation of the sport fight of Russia in face of the President Mr. Mikhail [Mamiashvili] for the right to propose changes to the rules on behalf of glorious [bortsovskoy] power - the Russian Federation.

    Analyzing and discussing revolutionary changes and innovations, accepted at the proposal of bureau FILA in 2004, the directed toward the increase entertainments and attractiveness of one of earliest sport disciplines - fight, it is possible to make several conclusions.

    1. The regulations of struggle does not make possible for athletes to appear itself for the such short temporary spaces (1 min. - 30 s. - 30 s.) and to transmit to spectators ancient essence and nerve of fight.

    2. excellent undertaking with the required parquet, unfortunately, mutated to the unrecognizability. The very low percentage of champions carries out entertainment “reverse belt”, and immediately it passes to conducting of seizure to “rear belt”.

    3. lot, to the horror of Olympic gods, gave birth to this questionable victory as “victory on the last inaction”.

    4. large number of pauses, many treatments and refinements in the acting editorial staff of rules criminally increase the time of conducting duel, the majority two-periodVYKh of encounters last more than 10 minutes. And this circumstance not only involves the time of conducting competitions, but makes the fight the less than attractive from the point of view of the leaders of [broadkastingovykh] companies, which work in the sphere of the organization of television relaying along the satellite and the Internet- channels.

    5. system of calculation dooms fight to the oblivion, indeed bright, adventurous athletes are inferior platform “to mathematicians”, who attempt to win on “last inaction”. Thus we by lichen ourselves the main thing - love of spectator, who goes to the beautiful fight, the cascades of methods and the intrigue of duel. In our view, must conduct general calculation according to the marks, but not on the periods.

    Understanding, that I am turned to the obvious experts in questions of sport single combats, I will make it possible to switch over to proposals for the consideration:

    1. formula of struggle. Time of the duel:
    adult and [yuniory] of up to 20 years - 5 minutes;
    Cadets (of up to 17 years) - 4 minutes;
    schoolboys (of up to 15 years) - 3 minutes.
    2. coalescent flow of duel (uninterruptedly, without the additional time) will allow champions to maximally appear technical and tactical habits and to demonstrate to spectators entire philosophy of fight;
    3. for the motivation of champions to the fulfillment of spectacular thrusts and methods in the counter, to leave estimations 1,2, 3, 4, 5 marks, in parquet 1,2, 3, 4 marks respectively;
    4. if rival from the counter, with the fulfillment of method was torn away into the parquet, one ought not to stop duel, it is necessary to give to the athlete, whom on top, the possibility to continue the attacking actions;
    5. for the motivation of athletes to the militant struggle in any position, to encourage getting up from the parquet by judical estimation into 1 mark;
    6. to punish by warning for the passive conducting of fight, including for the output for the carpet, the stepping back champion, after three warnings, the fourth gives the right to active fighter to select position for continuing the struggle (parquet or counter);
    7. observation for the passive conducting of fight can be declared not more than 1 time to each of the rivals without the punishment by penal marks.
    8. clean victory - touch, clean technical victory - victory, when advantage in calculation 8 and more than marks;
    9. with in a draw result conqueror is determined as follows:
    A) an advantage has champion, who received more appreciation;
    B) if estimation equal, then conquers champion, who collected the smaller number of warnings for the passiveness;
    C) conqueror can be determined according to the last evaluated action.

    Data of proposal are directed toward an increase in the competitive ability of fight in comparison with other forms of sport, in the dispute for the access to the telecommunication, [mediynym], financial resources of potential sponsors.

    In addition to this, the installation of data of proposals will make it possible to restore the classical appearance of fight, formed on the base of the principles of harmony and the perfection, which received formation in many cultures of Western Europe and which gave to civilized world the phenomenon of sport single combat, one of the ancestors of contemporary Olympic motion - Greco- Roman fight. But also it will make it possible to demonstrate to spectators integral on the perception, with the unambiguously evaluated actions.

    This the intentional reservation, since I appear not only as athlete, who has merits, but also as the organizer of sport competitions for the children and the adolescents as person, who propagandizes our form of sport.

    I am convinced that only the complete, universal retention of the spirit of antique fight, without the judical casuistry and the complicated perception by spectators, will allow to return our form of sport into the category of especially entertainment and to preserve fight in the contemporary Olympic program.

    Multi-wise associates, make it possible to express hope that these proposals will be useful for the working group and they will meet the proper interest in the President of the international federation of the fight of Mr. Rafael To [martinetti] and the respected members of bureau FILA.

    With the unconcealed respect, the member of working group [A]. [Karelin].

    P.S. accept my sincere apologies, I will regret, in connection with the transfer of periods it could not personally participate in our encounter”.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Default Re: Karelin rips new changes in Greco and sends a letter to FILA

    He's exactly right on pretty much every point. Especially the one about people winning because they were given a point by stalling out last.

    I just wish people like Lee Kemp, John Smith, Sergei Beloglazov, Jordanov, Medved etc. would write letters on behalf of freestyle and the damage that has been done to that style as well.

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    Default Re: Karelin rips new changes in Greco and sends a letter to FILA

    At least one big name has said something about how bad the rules are and hopefully more will do the same.

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    Default Re: Karelin rips new changes in Greco and sends a letter to FILA

    I really didn't like competing with these rules either. Nothing like letting someone get you in a reverse gut wrench.

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