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akzent, I usually respect your opinion but I feel a deep favoritism in your comment on Murazaliev destroying Gatsalov and Muradov. Make no mistake, I do think Murtazaliev is one of the greats but those two guys are not walk in the park either.
Until 1996, while representing UKR, Murtasaliev was a very nice guy.
Then (for some reasons I would not discuss) he was in the jail.
When he went out and joined the Russian team in 1998 he was a very bad guy.
Just watch & compare his matches at the 1996 Olympics and at the 1998 Goodwill games where he appeared for first time internationally after studying the jail life (not to mention the later 1999 worlds and 2000 games). He would really destroy Gatsalov and Muradov.