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Thread: gaber looked tough

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    i realize it was a depleted field but gaber looked real good in this last tournament. he scored from his feet and was very active on bottom. he seems to be improving over the past year since his return from a long break.

    btw tough break for the guy from belarus who gaber beat in the semi's. he lost to gaber 2-1 and scored the only offensive points. his next bout is for the bronze and a chance to qualify for the olympics. once again he loses 2-1 while scoring the only offensive points in the match. tough way to miss an olympic berth.

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    any vids because the links for the last tournament werend posted
    do you have the vids?
    can you upload via

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    To watch Gaber's matches replace ??? with
    099 - vs. Croatia
    118 - vs. 2006 world champ Nabi of Estonia
    127 - vs. Englich, GER
    130 - semis vs. Dzenichenko, BLR
    150 - final vs. Tounousidis, GRE

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    what did you think of gaber's performance and his chances in beijing?

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    Off topic, does anyone know who that guy from Greece is? He looked reasonably tough. has he done anything notable?

    "It is the difference between humble and hubris that distinguishes their positions." -TLV

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    He is a Greek born in Sweden. He has wrestled in the leagues of Sweden and Germany for many years.

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    Great bodylock throw in the final match... vintage Karem Gaber move.

    Anyone remember that world finals match he lost a few years back something like 15-10? Anyone know if it can be found online?

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    Thanks Akzent. Not exactly Gaber's proudest moment. I think that Gaber fans sometimes forget that for all his awesomeness, Karem Gaber won only one World/Olympic title, and was never that unbeatable.

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