With the fall of Soviet Union most Eastern European countries as well as Asian countries have stopped producing top freestyle talent. They are busy building capitalism and wrestling is hardly part of the equation. As a result, you simply have Caucas wrestlers from Russia wrestling for other countries. I doubt freestyle wrestling can survive if 75% of freestylers at Olympics are from Russia. We possibly already will see at these Olympics that 75% or more Olympic medals in freestyle will go to Caucas wrestlers from Russia.

55kgRussia and Gadshiev
60kg Russia and Bazarguruev
66kg Shahin, Farniev and Batirov
74kg nuff said
84 Russia, Temrezov, and Lalievs
96 Russia, Krupniakov, Gazumov and Kurbanov
120 Russia, Taymazov, Tasoev and Mussulbes