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    Most top Russian wrestlers are no stronger in the weight room than your average high school football player of the same size. However, they can do like 70 dips and 100 push ups.

    Its amazing to see them struggle with 175 on the bench press yet do 50-70 dips.

    When you have the real wrestling system with a coach, a wrestling room and training partners around year around, pure weight lifting becomes irrelevant. Its when you don't have all these things is when you do weight lifting to make up for the lack of wrestling tools.

    Wrestling in the morning is very important. You come at 7am and drill for 30-40 minutes, then wrestle live in the afternoon. Not just one week at camps but at least two days during the week for most of the year. Other days you either wrestle once per day and/or play games like soccer or basketball and do some conditioning. 1-2 days off every week. Lots of rest is needed so working too much will not be good for your wrestling success. You will get hurt or burnt out.

    Young wrestlers should have 2 workouts per day at least 4 days of the week. Morning and afternoon. Morning workouts should be 30-45 minutes

    Drilling in the morning is very, very important. Why? Because you need to get your nervous system trained in wrestling as soon as you wake up and no other stimuli is present. Also, its very good for weight loss to have a drill and/or a short run in the morning.

    Unless these things are done religiously, you will almost never get very good.

    Let me also just say all these things are not possible in America. You got few clubs that are often far away from where kids live and costly. School wrestling is only a few months per year. Morning workouts to drill are not possible (Because school rules for example don't allow wrestlers in the wrestling room in the morning or the coach is not avaliable or there is no wrestling room even)

    There is no structure or comraderie of a club environment for the most part. People play other sports, and do other things in general.

    In college the monotony of everyday grueling workouts and constant competition and weight cutting wear wrestlers out or they get hurt.

    After college the pressure to make money and make a living is also very difficult.

    Don't even get me started that when most coaches are even present, they either don't know what to teach or teach the wrong thing. Very few true "wrestling philosophers" so to speak in American wrestling.

    One last thing. Drilling in wrestling should always be done to find an easier way to do a move. You will hear Russian coaches say many times to do it this way BECAUSE IT IS EASIER.
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