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Thread: France is on fire in Greco

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    Default France is on fire in Greco

    They already have a few guys qualified for Olympics from last year. Now France wins 184 at a qualifier. Way to go France!

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    Default Re: France is on fire in Greco

    Yeah France is very good in greco last year they took in world championship silver in 66kg and 74kg bronze and 120kg 5th place. And now Melonin Noumonvi win first greco qualifier tournament in 84kg.

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    Default Re: France is on fire in Greco

    France has always emphasized GR over FS, not surprising considering the origins of GR. They've produced some really good wrestlers over the years, like Ghani Yalouz who was a multiple world finalist and medalist. Used to watch the French GR team at the Concord (CA) Greco tournament when the Russians, Germans and some of the former Eastern Block countries participated.

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    I seen that too, I wonder if they will create some new good athletes

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    A question for everyone here. One of the MMA arts France is very good at is European style kickboxing, as well as Judo and Greco. My BJJ is just dandy here in Brazil but I am looking actively for places to train in Greco Roman and where in France would anyone say that the best training centers are????????

    If (besides NY) their were a place I could train in all of my related arts and mostly Wrestling, Id be a happy camper

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    The best training center in France is the Olympic center (INSEP) in Paris, the best greco and freestyle wrestlers train hard here

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