Nik Fekete V. Damion Hahn

I wrestled against Nik at the Cadet world team trials when I was a sophmore in hs. He took me apart. But he was in no way arrogant about it. I started to follow his results and I never understood why he never won state. Well, because he was competing with HAhn, a year or so younger. Fekete's senior year Hahn and Fekete each won Fargo in concecutive Weight classes.

I'm excited to see these two go at it again. The most interesting part about this is the irony. Soes anyone else know of two kids who had somewhat of a rivalry, from the same state, that extended this far in their careers?

I know Tony Davis and TJ williams were on the same Highschool team, and wrestled in the NCAA finals, Maybe at Nationals this year. Reggie wright and Davis also had battles at least up until the senior level.

Anyone else?

Does anyone think Fekete pulls somewhat of an upset?