121 - Top half is tougher. Cejudo wins a lot of 1-0;2-0 type matches that makes everybody on the dumbsh!t board say he isn't that tough. Cejudo and Moreno in the finals.

132 - Kind of a boring bracket without Nate Gallick or Zadick.

145 - Cool match-ups...... Metcalf the grinder against Frayer the "what the hell was that" wrestler. Schwab against dangerous Sanderson. Lawrence against Kolat.... how to you handicap this one? Is Paulson the real deal? We get to find out against Larkin. And that is just round one. It is hard to comment until that round is over.

163 - This weight goes to form in round one. Sure there will be an upset but the smart money goes with Cunningham, Lackey, Paulson, Lewis, Askren (good match-up), Blackmon, who cares they got a lucky draw, and Pritzlaff. Pritzlaff got a nice draw. Now R2 with Lackey/Cunningham (they've danced before), Paulsen/Lewis, Askren/Blackmon, are fun. Like I said; Pritzlaff got a nice draw until Askren or Blackon.

185 - Williams had better be awake for Padden. Hvorat/Varner could be fun, or a snoozer. Herbert/Pascoe is a good match-up. Lawal cruises into the semi's. If there is a upset look for Pendleton. Otherwise Williams and Lawal outclass this field.

211 - Cormiers toughest challenge was making the weight. The rest will be easy.

HVY - Cummins and Thompson to wrestle Rowlands to get Mocco who scored on the draw. Any of them could win this weight. I think the draw hurts an aging Thompson. Rowlands matches up well against Mocco..... crap.... I don't know.