I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so I'll put it here.

I try very hard to follow women's freestlye wrestling. I don't follow it as much as it deserves, but I do have a few Wrestlers who I keep an eye on to see how they do.

One of those Women is MAry Kelly. I grew up wrestling in Illinois and She was the epitomy of what one could hope for in a female competitor. I've followed her on the Senior circuit because there is that old-timey, down home, root for the local kid feeling.

I just looked at her bracket, and she has a terrible first round draw. She is only a year or two removed from being on the world team and she has to face Stephanie Murata right out of the gate.

I know Stephanie has been around for awhile, I had some friends who wrestled at Cumberland College when she was their and had nothing but high praise for her.

Anybody care to speculate?