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Thread: hairy hairyness!!!

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    These are really good pictures. Did you take them henry?

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    lol thats so gross, those guy deff didnt have to floss that night

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    Its Not Fair That Fila Lets Werewolves From The Eastern Euro Countries Compete Against Humans. If The Us Could Find Bigfoot Than Maybe We Could Even The Score!!!!:d

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    Ketoev, Mindorashvili.....


    Don't forget Genadi Laliev.

    In GR - the 2004 olympic champ Dohtruriashvili

    3x *****shvili. Interestingly also the 2 Osetians (Ketoev, Laliev) are native of Georgia

    For experience in FS - contact Joe Williams. He wrestled at least 3 of them: Laliev and recently Bichin and Ketoev. I cannot recall whether he has wrestled Mindo.
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    Why am I thinking about Sweeney Todd when I see those first pictures?

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    Ops! I forgot to put list the new 74 greco man of that country - Mr Guliashvili

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    Yesterday Alex added a new gallery from the euros - Bichinashvili vs. Mindorashvili

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