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Thread: Martigny, Olympic Qualifier

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    Or Moldova

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    Quote Originally Posted by akzent View Post
    So I suppose the real question is, how do I get to a page that has the actual matches on them so I can download them all in one shot (using 'DownThemAll!')?

    Otherwise I'll have to do each match individually which might take me until the actual Olympics this Summer.

    Who has engineering/cs skills???

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    Yes,this will be the last year of Barzakov as a wrestler!After Pekin he will finish with the wrestling as a competitor.But Quick do not think that he is over and do not have chances for Pekin!Serafim did not train 1 year,he is not in his best condition now,but he is great man and will give 100% to win medal from Pekin.
    No,we will not take wrestlers from other countries,may be in this category will be Ismail Redzeb-the european champion and silver world for juniors in 60kg.

    Friends from Iran,may be iranian government will anounce that 18 of february is a holiday in Iran!You are so happy and i am happy too that Serafim allowed this to you!But i think that Serafim have a good heart and he gave chance to Tagavi to win against him,i do not think that this year if they will meet again the winner will be the same!Good luck to Tagavi-he is a good wrestler and i think that he will have a good future.I was sure that the match would be difficult for Barzakov!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    Can you explain one more time?

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    I forgot one more iranian,who was pinned from Serafim Barzakov in the final of Ali Aliev tournament 2004-Ali Asgar Bazri!!

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    barzakov has only one offensive move, and taghavi is a complete style mismatch for him.

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    Quintana wins it, Mohammadi places 3rd along with Korjakin of Tajikistan. Iran stll needs to qualify 74kg. We'll see if Bazri can get it done.

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    74kg bracket out. On the top half is Ahmet Gulhan(TUR), Bentindis(GRE),Brzozowski(POL), and Tigiev(UZB). The bottom half seems a bit lighter with Bazri (IRI), Terziev(BUL), and Kokoev(ARM).

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    best possible day for Azerbaijan and Cuba !

    1- Yandro Quintana (CUB)
    2- Zalimkhan Huseynov (AZE)
    3- Vitalij Korjakin (TJK), Moard Mohammadi (IRI)

    1- Nauruz Temrezov (AZE)
    2- Chagnaadorj Ganzorig (MGL)
    3- Haratyun Yenokyan (ARM), Roerlandy Zuniga (CUB)

    1- Khetag Gazyumov (AZE)
    2- Nicolai Ceban (MDA)
    3- David Zilbermann (CAN), Ruslan Sheykhov (BLR)
    Countries with 7 qualified wrestlers:
    Russia, Cuba

    also Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey still can complete their teams tomorrow

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