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Thread: Qualifying tournament for Zadick

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    Zadick can definitely qualify, but he is going to have to wrestle better than he did at the Pan Ams. I hope he is ready, his style leaves no margin for error. He oftne makes mistakes that can be costly. He literaaly threw away both periods in the finals of the World Championships when he won the silver. But his style can also make up for mistakes as long as they are not at the very end of the period. I hope he gets the job done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
    quintana didnt try to qualify, because only nations which entered an athlete at each weight class at the 2007 World Championships in Baku, could to qualify their nation for the Olympics at that weight (in continental championships) . Cuba didnt participate at 60kg in Baku !!
    but for olympic qualifier, he can qualify !
    Ok I am confused, why didn't Quintana try and qualify?

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    Since Cuba didn't have a wrestler at 2007 Worlds at 60kg, it could not qualify at Pan Ams at 60kg. Those were the rules. He can still qualify at the two qualifiers though.

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    Not sure Zadick "threw away" the world championship match... the Iranian just looked a little better. Much smaller than Zadick, but a little slicker when it counted.

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