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Thread: Russians select kids for wrestling, perhaps the biggest American illusion

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    Default Russians select kids for wrestling, perhaps the biggest American illusion

    Saw the other board and some seem to state Russians select kids they deem talented for wrestling and train them into champions. This is an illusion. True, Russians select kids for certain sports. For example, they are probably not going to pick a kid for serious gymnastics training if his parents are both over 6 feet tall. Conversely, they will not pick a kid for serious swimming training whose parents are barely over 5 feet tall.

    But wrestling? The only selection process kids go through is by winning at tournaments. The more they win the more offers they get to train with better coaches at better clubs. That is it. That is how Saitievs came to Krasnoyarsk from Chechneya. Please stop the nonsense already. Any Russian kid can become Olympic champ if he wants it bad enough.

    PS I was not selected for wrestling. I joined a wrestling club and began training. Here in America when I was in high school I wrestled two Russians that came here for tourneys. I beat the one that was 3rd in Russia on a Junior level and lost by points to the Junior Russian champion. If they were selected how could I beat one and keep a close match with another one? I couldn't win a match my first two years of wrestling.
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