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Thread: How will Nickerson do at WTTs?

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    I'd see him beating a fossilized Cross before he beat a healthy Abas. However again, it all depends who shows and in what condition they show up in.

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    How do you think he would do against Bunch or Felix? These 2 will also be ahead of him on the ladder.

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    Well, Nickerson is just as accomplished as either Bunch or Felix on the college scene. Nick is a great freestyler so I don't see why he can't beat Bunch and Felix.

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    What makes you think he is going?

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    Default Re: How will Nickerson do at WTTs?

    We forgot Shawn Bunch. Nickerson will not beat Bunch.

    The weight class is loaded. Nickerson will not make the top six.

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    Default Re: How will Nickerson do at WTTs?

    Cornell has three in this weight class. Lee,Fleeger and Nickerson what a great training group.

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