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    I introuduced myself on the other thread about who I am and what I do.

    2 more questions

    I have technique questions for all of you out there. Is this the forum to post them in and do they get discussed normally?

    Thats the first

    Second. Ive been really good at picking up the controlling the pummeling aspect and Greco game and freestyle wise I feel very confident in my shoot. Im a lot weaker at finishing single legs once I get them. Any advice technique wise?

    If this is the wrong place to ask let me know.


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    best thing to do is go to youtube and search for freestlye wrestling and than learn by watching the best

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    Thanks. Is there any particular wrestler you would recommend whos very well known for the single?

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    Anyone russian lol, but seriously id say look up Terry Brands or Tom Brands, they have great standing singles

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    Ironic, I was looking into their instructional videos the other day, I wanted to snag the Brands series and a 2 on 1 tie series........

    What are the Russians known for as a specialty, single legs and power/conditioning???? Or are they just overall well-respected in every aspect?

    I've noticed a lot of Russian influence in American conditioning.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm hoping to get to some great wrestling camps this year, money permitting, its good to know all of this.

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    just work on controlling the leg and get in good position. you'll either find openings to finish as you fight for position or get near the edge of the mat to get a push out for one point.

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