Hello. My name is David Maswary. Im an American and I moved down to Brazil about 5 years ago to become a professional fighter after many years of training in the US (since birth pretty much) in everything from Muay Thai to Shoot Wrestling and Kali.

I have trained in most every martial art and of course, down here I have mostly trained plenty of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 4 years back I became good friends with Darell Gholar. I don't know how many of you know him but he is a fantastic Greco Roman and Freestyle stylist and my Wrestling training immediately overtook my BJJ as my specialty. Im a short, muscular type and very strong so the movements came more naturally to me than BJJs guard style fighting.

To make a long story short Darell made me a very good wrestler and while I am heading towards Black Belt in BJJ I am essentially, as a competitor, a submission wrestler and looking to turn pro as an MMA fighter. I compete with the gi, and ocasionally in martial arts like Kickboxing but I love Wrestling. It build a fantastic base for submission and MMA and Ive already been doing the stand up arts my whole life.

Darell is stateside and for a few reasons I cant come back home for some time. So questions.......

1 - I need videos. Instructional and of matches to study. Where can I get reasonably priced Instructional Videos? Fedex does a good job of getting them here.

2 - For watching videos where can I study a particular wrestler. I noticed their are a lot of youtube videos. Are their any videos of matches in a format I can burn to CD to watch while I stretch or do treadmill work?
I am very very studious and I have beleived from day one in training smart and hard. This is a huge question for me.

3 - What wrestling camps would be good for me. Im from Long Island NY and Im a married man (nice,Brazilian woman) so if its close to home great. If not, Ive already traveled the world and Ill go anywhere to get better. Russia, Belgium, whatever. According to Darrell my technique is good enough to be a collegiate wrestler. I asked him what I need to get to the next level and he mentioned that most important would be getting experience training with other wrestlers of a high caliber.

Should I start with a technique camp to get my feet wet? A wrestling club? A training camp? All advice is welcome.

Please respond on this forum or at my e mail or both. I could use the help, I love Greco and mixed with BJJ its fantastic. Everyone here seems cordial and friendly so Im glad to be here.