I was watching an Kurtanidze video from the 2005 European championships. (thanks Quick_single, you're bomb)

while I was watching, I was trying to remember when they instituted the "new" rules for free and greco. I know there is still a lot of animosity towards them.....and rightfully so.

Personally, I've never been more interested in Greco in my entire life. its not just that we won the World Championship, but I've found that watching competitors adapt to the styles and rules over the last few years has given me...as a fan....the ability to start fresh and develop a better understanding of the style. I wish I wreslted more greco back in the day.

Now, freestyle is a totally different animal...being an american, I love our folkstyle, so its very hard for me to watch, even the Russians, who thanks to multi-media, I've learned a great deal about.

I know we as a country have adapted well to the "new" rules in greco. I don't know how successful we've been in free.

I'm curious of your opinions, being an olympic year....traditionally the latter part of a rule change cycle....how the U.S. has adapted, as well as other countries.