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    You obviously have not traveled a lot. In the country where I live, there is a population of about 600.000 Gypsies. I see such poor houses and tents almost every day, even in the capital. (And I see also the same rich houses in Dracula style.) Sometimes I see horse cars (like these in the pictures) in the main streets (business & administration area) of the capital city (almost 2 million population) along with trams and the newest Mercedes and BMW. Once I saw a Gypsy family with a big bear in the tram. That was about 5 years ago, when the Gypsies were still allowed to keep dancing bears which were one of the attractions in front of hotels like Hilton. (Then Westeuropean animal protectors led by Ms. Brigitte Bardot forced the authorities to forbid the bear dances.)

    I have seen similar things in Romania.

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    But not in Russia. Soviets would not allow anyone live permanently in tents. Not even Gypsies.

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    what country do you live in akzent?

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    you assholes are making me homesick

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    Why are you a gypsy?

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    Dirty, wasn't the money you got for the speeds not enough to buy a caravan like this?

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    the guy hasnt sent me the money for the shoes. im starting to get nervous. my father was a gypsy and he died in a gypsy commune. most of the gypsys i ever met were drug addicts

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    Impressed by your passion and abilities in Schwingen, I thought at least one of the parents must have been Swiss

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    how in the hell did you know i was a schwinger? i have not competed in 1 year because i was getting a masters degree, and my free time was at the olympic training center. all of my friends from my childhood were swiss, and they are many time koenigs from america. i am not sure what my father is, i assume he is either russian or romanian, as he looks EXACTLY like fadzaev.

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