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    hey, could either of you guys post a list of the links for the FILA events you have.

    I've downloaded close to 200 of those matches (2006 worlds, 2007 euro, 2007 jr worlds, 2007 worlds, etc)

    however, my incredibly smart-self did not save the links for any of those files.

    Do you mind posting all of them? Personally, I think they should be a sticky... I've taught my team so much from watching those videos.


    oh, and why can't we beat the frikkin second-stringers from Russia (i noticed the first-teamers wrestled against ukraine)?

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    2006 worlds

    2007 Worlds junior

    The website for the match listings

    2007 worlds senior

    The website you need to find the match listings

    To view the files, you need to go onto the fila website find the match number for example.....

    This match is match number 255 and so if i wanted to watch this match i would..... make this URL

    You will have to find out the match listings for 2006 seniors i don't have them.

    for greco roman, it needs changing to gr.... for example...

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    What tabs are the match listings under?

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    could you check those links again? I only got a blank page that says "test"?????


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    2007 FS Jr. Words:

    2007 FS Worlds:

    2007 Greco Worlds:

    The directory is no longer viewable but the files are still there. Just add the match # (from, + .wmv and it will work fine. Don't know why this is, but it just is.


    WOZNOW Colten (CAN) v. CAPUTO Louis (USA)

    Jr. Greco World matches will be:

    It works the same for the 2007 Worlds in Baku, which was removed as well.


    Prizreni (ALB) v. Zadick (USA)


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    thanks for links!!

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