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Thread: Hamza Yerlikaya

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    Default Hamza Yerlikaya

    He didn't wrestle at this last euro's because a week before that he....

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    Default Re: Hamza Yerlikaya

    Any word on when or if he will wrestle again?

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    Ops! I forgot that not everybody read Turkish
    Yes, he will wrestle. In July at the..... parliament elections
    What you see in the pictures is Hamza joining the party of Erdogan.

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    Default Wrestling champ - now a parliamentarian

    July 22, Parliament elections in Turkey: Hamza Yerlikaya pinned his opponents. He is going to wrestle in the parliament!

    'Olympic' deputy does not consider retirement
    Wednesday, July 25, 2007
    ANKARA - Associated Press

    Olympic champion wrestler Hamza Yerlikaya has won a seat in Turkey's Parliament.
    The two-time Olympic gold medalist said he had no immediate plans to retire from wrestling after winning the seat in Sunday's general election.
    The 31-year-old told the Anatolia news agency he hoped to compete for another Olympic gold, if he recovers from a neck injury.
    "If my health permits, I want to represent my country at the Olympic Games one last time (and) as a legislator," Yerlikaya was quoted as saying.
    Yerlikaya is a member of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's Justice and Development Party (AKP), which won the elections with 46.6 percent of the votes.
    Naim S?leymanoğlu, a three-time Olympic gold medalist in weightlifting, also ran in Sunday's elections on a nationalist party ticket, but did not win a seat.

    Yerlikaya: "I am the deputy of 70 million"
    Sabah, July 26, 2007

    Hamza Yerlikaya, the wrestler of the century, was elected as a deputy from Sivas: "as I am the sportsman of 70 million Turkish people; I am now the deputy of that 70 million." Yerlikaya has received the title of being the first active sportsman to enter the national assembly.

    National wrestler, Hamza Yerlikaya, has been elected as the AK Party deputy candidate from his hometown Sivas and has succeeded being an athlete entering the parliament. Yerlikaya was deemed appropriate for the title of 'the wrestler of the century' by FILA. Yerlikaya has now received the title of being the first active sportsman entering the national assembly; thus also becoming the deputy of the century, as well.

    Yerlikaya said: "I will fight as a deputy in the assembly and as a sportsman in the wrestling arena. I will not be any different than the other athlete. I am going to work harder. As I am the sportsman of 70 million Turkish people; I am also the deputy of the same 70 million."

    Photos (election campaign) (the day after the elections)

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    Naim S?leymanoğlu has run several times and hasn't won yet.

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    Default Re: Hamza Yerlikaya

    2007 - Turkey's Prime-minister (since 2003), founder (2001) & leader of the AKParty Erdogan listens to a speech of Hamza Yerlikaya:

    6 years earlier: Yerlikaya won the 2001 euros, held in Turkey

    and got warmly congratulated by Erdogan who established the AKParty in the same year:

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    Default Re: Hamza Yerlikaya

    Looks like they're about to make out. Did they?

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    Quick Lightweight Evil, I thought you would be much more concerned about Mr. Erdogan's suit after he had embraced the sweaty champ.

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