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Thread: freestyle wrestling critique

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    Quote Originally Posted by henry View Post
    Freestyle turns are so easy??????

    hehehe bro,
    I know wrestlers who just cant be turned in a freestyle turn. Theyre stuck in the mat, really strong.

    I do get your points. The only thing i hate about freestyle wrestling is the fact that you can push someone outside the mat and earn your points. like sumo wrestling.

    The rule has been made to make freestyle more attacking and less sensitive for escape tricks.
    I like the pushout rule because it keeps the action in the middle and there is no laying the edge which is rampant, especailly at the higher levels of folkstyle. I know alot of people have said a pushout should be worth one piont and a taekdown without exposure should be increased to two points and I totally agree.

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    Ouch. I feel battered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 777qqq View Post
    Ouch. I feel battered.
    Did you get any threatening emails?

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