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Discuss Mocco vs Mussulbes at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; It's a stretch, but points for effort....
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    Default Re: Mocco vs Mussulbes

    It's a stretch, but points for effort.

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    I see you had a great discussion while I was sleeping last night.

    I don't believe there was any arrangement at all ? neither a geographical nor an alphabetical one. The Ukrainians are too chaotic (exactly as they were during their 2004 orange revolution) to produce any order.

    However, you are right ? they brought Israel and Iran closer to each other, at least spatially. As we know Iranian Iranians refuse to show up against Israeli wrestlers. A recent example is Mehdi Mohammadi's withdrawal at the 2007 GR worlds at 74 kg. Interestingly, Ilya Shafran of Israel had to meet 2 Iranians at the worlds. In the first round, his opponent was Hassan Shahsavan of Australia and Mehdi Mohammadi was his opponent in the second round. The Australian Iranian wrestled the Israeli; the Iranian Iranian didn't.

    Perhaps the Ukrainian organizers thought: given the case an Israeli and an Iranian Iranian have to face each other in any match at Kiev, there will be definitely no match. That is why they tried to bring the possible opponents face to face at least during the opening ceremony.

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    Perhaps if the Australian Iranian did not want to wrestle the Israeli he would have stayed in Iran.

    All jokes aside though its a foreign wrestling policy of Iran not to wrestle the Israelis if you will. On a personal basis I doubt Iranian wrestlers themselves care too much about it. They are usually much better than Israelis and why not use an opportunity to beat up on those you dislike politically kind of like Russia does to USA and SOMETIMES vice versa.

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    Where can you see the results from this competition.....

    I agree BIG the Iranaisn should just beat the Israeli down, its unfortunate we have to see so many Iranians lose to Israel when in reality the Iranians are much stronger.

    It made me very sad when the Iranian judoka had to withdraw from a match with Israel, i was hoping he would punish the Israeli, then win gold.

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