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Thread: World Cup updates

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    We want to see the matches!

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    here is the female world cup for those who are interested. I was mainly interested in saori yoshida' loss to van dunsten at 55 kg, but its probly the only match thats not working. i wonder why.

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    Taken from the other site:

    The Japan Wrestling Federation, with the help of Nihon Television, has uploaded some of the wrestling at the women's World Cup.

    In addition to the match between Yoshida and Marcie, they have also uploaded Chiharu Icho and Stephanie Murata, and Hitomi Sakamoto with Jenny Wong.? There are also digests of the action with the other Japan-US matches as well as the duals with Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

    Of course, since this is the JWF and Japanese television, the focus of the action and commentary is on the Japanese.

    I haven't heard of any other plans for something more comprehensive or more inclusive.

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