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Thread: World Cup updates

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    Well they did it. RUS v UKR 7:0.
    120 Soslan Gagloev v Ivan Ischenko 1:0, 1:0.

    Mocco was the only one to win any of the 14 matches vs. Russia today.

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    What's up with Turkey? You never know what to expect from them.

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    Didn't you hear the song I posted for you in the Yasar Dogu thread?

    Well their nos. 2 wrestled at the world cup.

    UZB v TUR 7:0 (inofficial results)
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    UZB - TUR 6:1 (now officially reported)

    RUS - UKR 7:0
    55 Besik Kudukhov - Alexander Galagan 1:0, 1:0
    60 Alan Dudaev - Evgeni Khavelov 1:0, 2:0
    66 Irbek Farniev - Andrei Stadnik 4:1, 2:0
    74 Buvaisar Saitiev - Gia Chiladze (spelling?) 2:1, 7:0
    84 Georgi Ketoev - Alik Muzaev 3:0, 1:0
    96 Shirvani Muradov - Georgi Tibilov 1:0, 3:0
    120 Soslan Gagloev - Ivan Ischenko 1:0, 1:0.

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    Less than an hour before the beginning of the Sunday dual meets, the spectators (and not only they) were surprised to find that it will be Uzbekistan, and not Cuba who will wrestle vs. Russia for the first place.

    In Russia and Uzbekistan, everything can happen. Go to the Communist thread on this board

    I think, one of the reasons for the change is the fact that in UZB team there are at least 4 Ossetian wrestlers (74, 84, 96, 120).
    In the dual meet RUS vs. UKR yesterday, 5 Ossetians wrestled for RUS.
    The World cup is held in Vladikavkaz, the capital of Ossetia.
    Sooo, “the authorities” obviously want to have in the final as many Ossetians as possible. Maybe they want to make the local population happier by placing UZB in the final.
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    One hour later the decision got revised! CUB in the final!

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    for the 3rd place UZB - UKR 4:3

    Final (after 4 matches) RUS - CUB 3:1
    At 74 Saitiev v Fundora 4:0, 7:0.

    End result 5:2, CUB winning at 52 and 120.
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    Martinetti said the reason for the mishap was the difference in rules between French and English language versions. English version favored Uzbekistan but French version favored Cuba. They eventually went with the French version.

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    I read about those "differences" 10 hours ago. In some reports they talked about English-French differences, in other reports about English-Russian differences.

    I compared the French and the English language rules. There are NO differences in the part (6.6.) dealing with team ranking.


    They only try to hide the real reason for favoring UZB!

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