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Thread: News about Karam Gaber?

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    Default News about Karam Gaber?

    I heard he had a motocycle accident last year. Some sources (for example wikipedia) claim he may never walk again.

    Other sources claim that he is training again?

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    Default Re: News about Karam Gaber?

    Pretty reliable persons I know from Egypt told me that he was drinking and smoking, basically leading a bad health life.

    Havent seen him on any tournament yet since his MMA fight.

    2bad, cause he is still young.

    Maybe his brother Adel should train him properly again even though they both recide in nyc.

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    Default Re: News about Karam Gaber?

    But what about his accident? When you look at wikipedia, you will see that there are rumours that he will never be able to walk again?!

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    Default Re: News about Karam Gaber?

    Just got done speaking about this recently. I don't think the motorcycle accident is correct.

    Also he has wrestled since his MMA fight, at the 2006 Worlds and 2007 African Championships. At Worlds he met Yerlikaya from Turkey (the 2005 Gold medalist and past Olympic champion) first round and lost. Yerlikaya ended with bronze so no wrestle back for Karam.

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    I think he might be crazy. That and the whole Egytian Greco team is on roids.

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