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Thread: Couple of John Smith matches

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    Default Couple of John Smith matches

    I was looking through youtube of John Smith matches and though these two would be good to post. Both are from the 92' Olympics. First match is finals against Askari and seconds is against Reinoso. You didn't see John get frustrated that often like he did in the Reinoso match.
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    I had the privilege of training with Reinoso on a couple of occasions. He always found a way to come out on top in every scramble we got into. The guy also had a very powerful front headlock. He would also move into a cradle from the headlock that was so tight my face got well acquainted with my croach. He would teach me as we wrestled and when he locked me up in the cradle he would say "No daylight" meaning make it so tight you bury his face (which at the time was my face!)
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    cool story, i thought of it this week when a 2x AA had my knee burried into my face.
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